Vazu Expandable Vase

Vazu Expandable Vase Vazu GrooveMaker Vazu - Cool Sister Vazu RipRop green/purple Vazu Expandable Vase Vazu Expandable Vase TranSisto Vazu Expandable Vase - transisto blue
Price: $13.99 $11.99


Vazu Expandable Vases bring the beauty of
colorful glass vases into a tiny storable,
portable sheet. Vazu flower vases are made
of layers of polymers, mainly polyethylene
and polyester that allow it to fold as flat
as a few sheets of paper. When it’s popped
open and filled with water, it retains it’s
shape and displays the colorful designs and
looks just like a glass vase.

When you really want to make an impression, vazu™
Gift Pack is sure to get noticed. Enclosed in an elegant
envelope, this is one of the most surprising gifts you can
give. The smile of the recipient gives way to open-eyed
amazement, and the stylish vazu™ is immediately filled
and placed in a prominent place, for all to adore.

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