Decorating a kid’s room can be a tough task to accomplish.  Aside from the fact that children are some of the most indecisive people around, purchasing decorative items can be expensive and time consuming.  Here at Animi Causa Boutique, you can efficiently purchase unique items, at an affordable price, that will transform your child’s room into a place they will never want to leave.  These modern designs are things you will not be able to find anywhere else, and the best part about it is that they are eco-friendly!  Some of the items for children that we offer are mini message boards, paper folding figures, garden rugs, stools, doorstops and wall decals that include little garden designs, pirate designs, outer space designs, forest designs, dragon designs and so much more.  With these unique gifts, you will be able to convert your child’s little space of the earth into something they will always enjoy.

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Dinner Boat - cutlery holder

SKU. mb135
Cutlery and napkin holder.
Price » $23.99

Pencil shaped pencil case - plain

SKU. mw52
A pencil case in the shape of a pencil with zip that you can fill with all your stationary.
Price » $12.99

Penball Football Erasers

SKU. pd49
A red and blue football eraser duo, that makes writing, erasing and rewriting a playful task. May the best eraser win!
Price » $11.99

Hairdo - Cookie cutter

SKU. mb152
Nibble the biscuit to style Sam’s hairdo.
Price » $12.99

Jumbo - Cutlery Drainer

SKU. pd41
Dry your cutlery in this sink-side elephant.
Price » $25.99

Cookie Cup-cookie cutter

SKU. mb137
Create different sized cookies with a variety of options for decorating, textures and imprints
Price » $14.99

Animarks Bookmarks

SKU. mw53
With one of these cheeky chappies peering out over the top of your book, reading will be more fun than ever!
Price » $12.99

Desk Bucket

SKU. pd54
Add some magic to your desk with this amazing floating bucket.It will lift up your pens and pencils and tidy up your working space.
Price » $18.99

A Novel - Passport cover - Kids

SKU. mb156
Disguise and protect your passport with these faux paperback novel covers.
Price » $13.99

Grow Up - Height Measurement Ruler

SKU. pd60
A scratch-off giant ruler will show you how much you have grown in a unique and colorful way.
Price » $26.99

Gregg's - Fried Eggs Shaper

SKU. mb98
Be creative and personalize your eggs!
Price » $17.99

Giraffe & Dinosaur Toothbrush Holders

SKU. mw120
Diego & Grace toothbrush holders
Price » $21.99


SKU. ot18
Straight from the deep to its berth by the sink comes a practical liquid soap dispenser that will raise a smile every time you wash‭.‬
Price » $18.99 $14.99

SpacePop -Rocket Lolly Bath Sponge

SKU. mw57
Make bathtime fun with this lolli -shaped SpacePop!
Price » $12.99 $9.99


SKU. ot40
Writing takes a sweet turn with Marshmallow pencil and eraser. So fun, you’ll definitely want s’more!
Price » $14.99

Nature Sabre-sword creator

SKU. mb157
Silicon sword creator. Create your own play-sword using any suitable stick.
Price » $11.99

plui rain cloud

SKU. an01
This smart bath toy that looks like a cloud works like a pipette and makes simple physics tangible and fun.
Price » $18.99

My Little Artist - Mini Easel with Canvas

SKU. mw121
Canvas for little artists.
Price » $24.99

Drumstick Pen

SKU. mw73
Pair of drumsticks that are also cool pens
Price » $14.99

Sports Huevos- Egg Shapers

SKU. mb127
Place a boiled egg in the shaper to create your sport egg.
Price » $13.99

PenSword - Sword Eraser

SKU. pd59
Make no mistake - this sword eraser will fiercely fight any scribble and beat down every typo.
Price » $10.99

Pencil End Cup

SKU. ar33
Erase the mess from your working space! This desktop appliance can store your stationery either in two separate cans, or as one can with a lid.
Price » $19.90

Corkers Pino

SKU. mb116
Add a cork and pin Pino to life, just like Geppetto did to his cousin. A great addition to the Corkers range.
Price » $9.99


SKU. ar42
Cool eraser shaped like a correction fluid bottle. No need to shake, no need to wait for it to dry out.
Price » $9.99

Rainmaker - Plant Watering Cloud

SKU. pd38
Don’t blame it on the weatherman… Rain your plants yourself! Compatible with most soft drinks bottles.
Price » $11.99

On Air-Toothbrush cover

SKU. mb128
Guard your toothbrush on the road with this stylish vintage microphone toothbrush cover.
Price » $11.99

City Erasers

SKU. mw124
Mini Architecture in Rubber.
Price » $13.99

Sumo Eggs - Egg Cups

SKU. pd44
With this pair of red and black sumo egg holders, you can start a little-but-tasty food fight of your own. And remember, the winner breaks it all!
Price » $17.99

Big Mouth Bookmark

SKU. mw122
Tongue shaped bookmark really sticks out.
Price » $14.99

Greeting Stickers

SKU. pd39
Writable stickers for gift wraps.
Price » $9.99

Egg 51- Egg cup

SKU. mb132
An egg holder that’s been around the block.
Price » $14.99

Robot Lunch Box

SKU. mw125
Classic tin lunch box.
Price » $38.99

Animal Gift Wrap

SKU. lu19
A gift wrap that allows your personal touch combined with fun. This adorable gift wrap will bring the kid out of anyone with its adorable cat, penguin or mouse wrapping papers.
Price » $36.99 $34.99

Pepo - Watermelon slicer

SKU. mb150
Reduce the mess and increase the fun. Ideal for kids and parties
Price » $13.99

Arthur - Egg Cup

SKU. pd40
Boiled egg knight cup with eating spoon. Your egg in a shining armor!
Price » $15.99

Climbing Rope

SKU. tra17
High quality knotted climbing rope. No matter whether used as a lift to the tree house or hung up in the child's room the climbing rope is a perfect toy.
Price » $53.99

Pencil Broom

SKU. ar32
Top-quality pencil with a broom-like eraser on its end.
Price » $11.99

3D Effect Stuffed Bunny Wall Decal

SKU. nis03
Create your custom room with the 3D Effect Wall Decals. Reusable, instant design, easy to apply. Set of 3.
Price » $43.99 $34.99


SKU. pd31
Tweet if you re-use your water bottle!Hang it on your backpack, clip it to your jeans or simply hold the bottle.
Price » $8.99


SKU. mb84
Shine some light onto you breakfast table with this silicon egg shaper that will make your plate a work of art.
Price » $14.99

Sweet Pony - Rocking cookie cutter

SKU. ot28
Rock Sweet Pony gently on flattened dough and cut out a classic shaped biscuit. A sweet addition to any kitchen. Yummy...
Price » $14.99 $12.99

Geppeto’s Pencil sharpener

SKU. mb53
Geppeto's pencil sharpener in a beautiful gift pack. Pencil included
Price » $14.99

Bunny Popsicles

SKU. ot20
Add some magic flavor to your popsicles‭! ‬ Simple to make and fun to eat‭. ‬ Just fill the popsicle molds with your favorite juice.
Price » $16.99

PaperCat Folding Figures-Dolls of the world

SKU. pc03
Amazing Paper Folding Figures in a booklet. Great gift for kids!
Price » $24.90

PaperCat Folding Figures-Vehicles

SKU. pc01
Amazing Paper Folding Figures in a booklet. Great gift for kids!
Price » $24.90

Royal Placemats

SKU. pd22
Set of 4 placemats designed as playing cards. King, Queen, Jack and Ace.
Price » $23.99

Bunny Time

SKU. 4m53
A sweet sweet bunny shaped clock wall decal. A vinyl sticker with a real clock.
Price » $59.99


SKU. mb01
Doorhanging reminder and organizer
Price » $16.90 $14.99

Mini Messages Boards

SKU. mb06
Set of 6 small messages boards
Price » $15.99

Turnkey Pencil Sharpener

SKU. mb64
A classic pencil sharpener with a retro feel‭, ‬for grown ups who are young at heart‭. ‬ The perfect gift for your creative friend‭.‬
Price » $13.49

Do Not Forget

SKU. mb22
Do Not Forget door hanger memo pad.
Price » $9.99


SKU. pd06
Arrow magnetic books holder.
Price » $38.90

Extreme Wally

SKU. 4m58
Add adventure to your home with this Vinyl decal featuring paratrooper Wally doing extreme sport on your wall .
Price » $59.90

Bubbles Wally

SKU. 4m59
Add charm and humor to your wall with this Vinyl wall sticker featuring Wally blowing soap bubbles on your wall.
Price » $39.90

Snappling Wally

SKU. 4m57
Add adventure to your home with this Vinyl decal featuring Wally doing snappling on the wall.
Price » $44.90

Tree O'clock

SKU. 4m56
A charming wall decal of an owl seating on a tree.
Price » $59.99

Owl Clock

SKU. 4m55
A sweet Owl shaped wall decal. Arrives with the clock mechanism and has a lot of charm and humor.
Price » $59.99

beetle clock

SKU. 4m54
Get Creative with this beetle vinyl wall clock sticker with a real clock mechanism.
Price » $59.99

Happy Hour

SKU. 4m52
Very cute Clock wall decal. A vinyl sticker with a real clock. A seal with a ball on his nose.
Price » $59.99


SKU. 4m60
Add humor to your walls with this Vinyl wall sticker of Wally, your wall buddy, enjoying a popsicle along your wall.
Price » $39.90

Painter Wally

SKU. 4m61
This Painting Wally removable decal features Wally painting your room in an original charming design.
Price » $54.90

Wally on the rope

SKU. 4m68
This removable decal features Wally walking on the rope on your wall making a creative and fun design for your room.
Price » $49.90

Builder Wally

SKU. 4m67
Add charm and humor to your wall with this Vinyl wall sticker featuring Wally the builder fixing your wall.
Price » $59.90

Diving Wally

SKU. 4m64
Wally is diving from your wall! Simply peel and stick this wall graphics to get a stylish and decorative look.
Price » $39.90

Yoyo Wally

SKU. 4m63
Add charm and humor to your and wall Create your own space with fun YOYO Wally wall sticker.
Price » $44.90

Ski Wally

SKU. 4m62
Bring the ski spirit to your home design with a Skiing Wally decorative wall decal.
Price » $44.90

Wall Decals - Kite

SKU. 4m38
Charming scene of happiness will add color and joy to your children's room.
Available in different colors
Price » $59.99

Wall Decals - Little garden

SKU. 4m39
Refresh your wall with this garden of colorful flowers.
Price » $92.99

Wall Decals - Zoola

SKU. 4m43
Little colorful zoo for nursery decoration, ideal above drawer chests, cribs and shelves.
Price » $74.99

Wall Decals - babushka

SKU. 4m44
These five sweet smily matreshkas (known in some places as babushkas) will bring joy to your child's room.
Price » $59.99

Wall Decals - pirates

SKU. 4m45
Adventure on your wall: pirates and tresure lost in the sea. create your own story.
Price » $99.99

Wall Decals - yan-shuf

SKU. 4m47
Charming sticker of sweet owls sitting on two blooming branches.
Price » $49.99

Wall Decals - sunshine

SKU. 4m46
Composition of plants and birds in a beautiful modern design.
Price » $79.99

Wall Decals - Birdy

SKU. 4m34
This addorable blooming branch will add charm to your children's room.
Available in different colors
Price » $44.99

Wall Decals - Balloon

SKU. 4m33
charming wall sticker of simplicity and joy.
Available in different colors
Price » $62.99

Wall Decals - Sentry

SKU. 4m42
Unique, modern designed flowers, to upgrade your interior space.
Price » $74.99

Wall Decals - Fleece

SKU. 4m37
Make your own creative composition with this cute shaped colored circles.
Price » $42.99

Wall Decals - Peep-Peep

SKU. 4m40
A lovely colored set of stickers to create a long road with all kinds of vehicles .
Price » $77.99

Wall Decals - Reef

SKU. 4m41
Funny sea creatures, swimming on the wall, creating a joyful underwater scene.
Price » $95.99

Wall Decals - wake up

SKU. 4m49
Wake Up wall decal. A vinyl sticker with a real clock. Great gift for kids' room.
Price » $59.99

Wall Decals - Astro

SKU. 4m32
A cute space scene of an astronaut and friendly alien hovering on the wall.
Price » $86.99

Wall Decals - My little forest

SKU. 4m31
These cute little trees will bring your wall a lively colorful scene.
Price » $71.99

Wall Decals - Bubble tree

SKU. 4m03
Original design of joyful tree sticker, can be also applied in children rooms.
Available in different colors.
Price » $66.99

Wall Decals - Dragon

SKU. 4m36
Knight, princess and a dragon, creates a wall of legends for your child's room.
Price » $99.99

Wall Decals - Bubbles

SKU. 4m35
Wall decals bubbles to design your kid's room or bathroom.
Available in different colors
Price » $37.99
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