Cute Little Kitchen Gadgets that Make Eggs a Whole Lot of Fun

From frittatas, omelettes to pancakes, eggs are indeed kitchen staples we all can’t live without. These are versatile
ingredients that you can cook and use from breakfast to dinner, as well as snacks in between. But if serving egg has
become such a routine for you, you might just need to spruce up your preparation and cooking eggs some more.

Bring back the fun in eggs by getting some quirky and fun little gadgets to your kitchen . Store the eggs in pairs of cute
Sumo egg cups . Or eat your boiled egg serve directly from the Arthur egg cup .

Arthur egg cup

Sumo Egg Cups

Presenting eggs can get more than creative and appetizing. You can make the perfect poached egg on board the
Eggondola . The egg floats on the gondola as it cooks and brings out the easiest and yummiest poached egg ever.
Want to play some more? Try using the Bready Made Bread Cutter for those perfect “egg in the basket” meals.



Sometimes too, you just want to spruce up things a bit in your plate. The Gregg’s Fried Egg shaper brings new shape
to your usual fried eggs, while the Sunnyside pastes a bright smile to your face -- perhaps as bright as the sun
beaming down on you. From artistic to sporty, bring out the athletic side of you using the Sports Huevos egg shaper
for fun and ball-shaped eggs on the breakfast table.

greggs sunnyside football



Indeed, nothing beats eggs on any given day and eggs become more fun interesting when you take presentation to
the next level! These fun little gadgets can liven up your kitchen with their eye-catching design and popping colors.
And they’re literally handy as well.

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4 Quirky Little Kitchen Gifts


Is your mother, wife or sister a fervent cook? Show your appreciation for the meals she prepares by getting her some
useful kitchen gadgets that are cute, fun and useful -- all at the same time. And you don’t need to wait for her birthday
or Christmas for you to give her these fun and quirky kitchen gifts. Chances are, she’d be too thrilled and wonder why you
never gave it earlier.

So if you’re looking to brighten up her day at the kitchen and make cooking an even more fun of an adventure, here are
some cute little things you can add to her culinary arsenal:

1. Agatha Spoon Holder and Steam Releaser
Agatha is a cute little purple witch that will sit astride your spoon and prevent the pot’s lid from closing down. Release the 
steam from your pot of soup or stew with the lid just slightly-closed as Agatha does her trick.

Agatha - Spoon holder & Steam releaser



2. Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon
Let Papa Nessie take nest into your newly-cooked pasta with its neck and head sticking out beautifully. Dig the spoon out
and get the perfect individual serving of pasta.

Papa Nessie - Pasta spoon


3. Ravanello Radish Shaper
Fancy the shapes in your food? Turn radishes into mushrooms and sprinkle more fun into your vegetables. This safe and
easy-to-use kitchen accessory will help you cut out radishes instantly, helping you save more time in meal preparation and
have more fun along the way.

Ravanello - Radish Shaper


4. Eggondola
The Eggondola is an innovative kitchen item that lets you make poached eggs a breeze. Simply crack egg into the gondola
and let it sail on your pot. A minute or two later, you can scoop out the perfectly poached egg and enjoy right away or use in
your dish -- well, whatever rocks your boat.

Eggondola - Egg Poacher


From cutting vegetables, serving pasta, cooking eggs to releasing steam, there’s certainly a cute and unique kitchen gift
that you can give. And while you’re at it, why don’t you get one for yourself too?

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Valentines Gift Ideas for Him and Her: Celebrating Love with these Unique Gifts

Love is definitely in the air! Everyone seems to be taking on their romantic sides when February rolls around. You want to
show how much your significant other means to you, so pick a shirt in his favorite color or give your girlfriend a bouquet of
red roses. While these gifts are classic for Valentines Day, consider looking beyond the traditional and give something more
fun and useful -- one that best reflects his or her personality.

Some couples like a little game during the V-Day. Instead of your usual romantic dinner date, you might want to stay home,
play board games or form this You Complete Me jigsaw puzzle. Bond over wine and relax in your comfort zone without
worrying about being too formal!


You complete me

The key to really give great gifts is to know the other’s personality very well. So if one visits the library quite often, you know
she’s quite the bookworm. So look into the type of books she reads and get the latest release from her favorite author. And
while you’re at it, make sure to get these Supercouple Bookends to complete the package.

supercouple bookends

But before you dash town looking for gifts, do you know where you placed your keys! Oh my, you’ve lost them again, didn’t
you? Why don’t you get the Key Pete Couple , one for you and one for your partner, so you get matching key holders and not
lose your keys again.



But still, nothing beats the sincerity and romance of your own words of love. Add in some beautiful doodles with this Greeting
Card Kit and it’s sure to become a gift to keep.

Greeting Card Kit


Looking for that perfect Valentine gift is indeed tricky. But you can bring the Valentines Day gift-giving this year by picking a gift
that speaks volumes of your love and appreciation through an item that he/she will have fun using.


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Make Your Christmas Gifts Stand Out!

There are just 23 days left until Christmas! That means there is no time to lose
in finding the perfect gifts for everyone on the list. And Animi Causa is ready to help.
Animi Causa is well known for providing shoppers with a wide selection of unique,
modern products. And Christmas is no exception!
Check out the You Complete Me Christmas Tree .

You Complete Me Christmas7

Just write a personal note on the back, break up the Christmas tree shaped puzzle,
and put the pieces back in the beautiful, soft-touch gift box. It is perfect for those
“hard-to-shop-for” family members and friends.

Those who already have a gift in mind will want to check out our distinctive gift wrap.
Instantly transform a simple box into a robot or animal gift wrap with this special gift wrap kit.

robot gift wrap animal git wrap festive gift wrap


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Each kit provides enough materials for approximately six different presents and will
definitely be a hit on Christmas morning!
Another great option is the Greeting Card Kit.

greeting card kit

These kits are perfect for crafty friends, or can easily be used to design individual
cards that can be given away. Each kit comes with four interchangeable silicone
stamps, ink, cards and envelopes, and a presentation box.

gifted greeting stickers


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Do not forget that we provide free shipping worldwide on every order.

Check out the entire collection of Holiday Gifts >>

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Classic Kitchen Problem Gets Modern Solution: The Lid Sid

Lid Sid

Steam off your casserole before it’s too late by having the Lid Sid on
your pots and pans. The Lid Sid is an important addition to your kitchen
because it keeps you from having to scrub off the grease due to the
spilling of the liquids from your cooking. So if you love cooking but hate
the scrubbing part, the Lid Sid is your savior. The funny thing about this
piece of art is that it looks so much like a little man who is either so
tired of saving your kitchen that he’s gone limp or a man who’s in a
sauna trying to let off steam. You can have it with its head outside the
pot or you can have it showing you its behind.

Lid Sid

Lid Sid

Lid Sid

Lid Sid Package

If you buy it, it comes in a pack of two: one is red and the other one is
white. If you’re too conscious about the design, then you must know
that there are no other safer colors than these two. The Lid Sid stays
in place even in the hottest of temperatures and it is so durable that it
won’t leave behind any stains or melt and mix with your food. The
creativity of the designer plus the strength of the material makes it a
kitchen must-have.

Buy Now >

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How To Create The Perfect Soup With Herb Infuser

Herb Infuser

Create the perfect soup with the Herb Infuser . This handy cooking tool is designed
to lock all the herbs and then unleash pure goodness into your hearty dish. This is
perfect for those who want their soup dishes to be physically herb-free but with the
full taste of rosemary, basil, thyme, dill and parsley.

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Spaghetti Tower

Spaghetti Tower

If you always have leftover pasta and you find it hard to measure these leftovers
for your next ideal meal, the Spaghetti Tower is what you need. Not only can it
store your leftover pasta. It can also measure the ideal amount to add to your meal.

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Zipmark: Keeping Your Book’s Pages Locked


Tired of the paper bookmarks that get lost every time you need them? Stop buying new
bookmarks, instead choose the Zipmark . The Zipmark is an innovative reading help that
locks the page where you left off. Since it is very unique, it is hard to miss and even lose.

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Pegzini Family: Bringing More Fun Into Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Activities

Pegzini Family

The laundry pegs that I’ve gotten – the Pegzini Family , which is a set of highwire
laundry clothespins – have just made my laundry and dry cleaning activities a lot
more fun. I mean who wouldn’t have fun with all these cute laundry pegs that are
all gravity-defying and laundry drying.

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Cake Divider: Events Becomes Pieces of Cakes

cake divider

I am an event planner and being one means that I must have all the tools
needed to create the perfect celebration. Of all the tools that I have, the
Cake Divider proves to be the most useful. What’s a party if there isn’t
any cake, anyway?

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