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5 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Extra Special

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you want your Valentine’s Day with your special someone to be just as special as they are,

Sweet Heart - Strawberry cutter

take the time to read the following 5 tips that will help your romantic Valentine’s Day be the best that it can be.

Tip #1: Take your time to make your gift look nice

One of the most important things about any Valentine's Day gift--no matter how big or small--is how it's wrapped. A nicely wrapped gift shows the person that you love that you care enough to take the time to make it look nice. Make sure that if you wrap the gift in paper, you take the time to keep it neat and creased; consider adding a ribbon, such as a Gifted - Elastic gift wrap, especially if it's not a gift that can be easily wrapped in a box.

Gifted - Elastic gift wrap

Tip #2: Cook a romantic dinner at home

If you love to cook, show your appreciation for your special someone by cooking a romantic dinner that you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home! In addition to a nice meal, take the time to consider the setting. Use cute couple-themed dishes, such as a Sparrow Salad Set - Bowl Fork & Spoon; or decorate the table with a fun centerpiece, like a bouquet of fresh flowers or the Impossible Bottle.

Sparrow Salad Set

Tip #3: Consider a gift that will make your loved one smile

Everyone loves to smile, especially on Valentine's Day! Choosing a gift can be hard, so make sure to look for one that will make your loved one smile. If they love books, opt for something fun like these Supercouple bookends; or if they like a good challenge, consider the You Complete Me Puzzle, which will give them an elegant puzzle to complete on a rainy day. For cat lovers, opt for a framed photo of their cat or the Duo meow - Two Decorative Cat Silhouettes decorations. If your loved one is always losing their keys, why not get them the Key Pete Couple, a magnetic key holder that will keep them from getting lost!

Supercouple Bookends

You Complete Me

Duo Meow - Two Decorative Cat Silhouettes

The Key Pete Couple

Tip #4: Have a romantic breakfast or brunch together

It's not all about dinner! Valentine's Day breakfast or lunch can be just as special. To make things truly romantic, consider kicking up your breakfast or lunch by using the Sweet Heart - Strawberry cutter to give your berries an extra love-related boost. If your loved one enjoys tea, use the Tulip - Tea Infuser to bring them their favorite cup in bed. Don’t forget to start the day organized—installing the Klick - Wall Hanger & Photo Frame will help make your home’s coat rack or nook even more special with a personal touch.

Sweet Heart - Strawberry cutter

Tulip - Tea Infuser

Klick - Wall Hanger & Photo Frame

Tip #5: Keep it fun!

Valentine’s Day should, above all, be fun and romantic—so make sure to keep things light, fun, and enjoy yourself!

Remember to consider the above tips on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.


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