Bookend Singles

Bookend Singles Bookend Singles colors Bookend Singles colors 2 Bookend Singles open Bookend Singles
Price: $12.99


Made from just a single piece of thin, durable polypropylene,
these inventive bookends use a novel 'living hinge' to solve
a usually bulky bookend problem. They fold flat (great for retailers),
they stand up straight (great for books) and, if we do say
so ourselves, they look pretty fab anywhere around the home
- which is great for everyone else.

On the base, each has complimentary coloured grippy feet
to keep them rock steady, the bookends can be easily wiped
clean and, most importantly, they're very, very strong!

Sold as singles, if you only want one, or why not mingle, mix
and match your perfect bookend partner from a choice of 7
punchy colours in our singles dating lounge (or display box!).
Perfectly at home in the lounge, kitchen, study or children's
bedrooms and absolutely ideal everywhere in the office.

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