ArtTwist - Animals

A new drawing at every turn.
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Create over 1000 animal drawing combinations with our rotating stencil kit!
Special wooden stencil and frame with 6 colored pencils and 5 pieces of paper to provide a space for creativity and imagination!
Simplify your kid’s art kit without limiting their picture possibilities! With 1 simple stencil that they can rotate and reuse, kids produce unique pictures every time!
Wonderful Montessori gift for a wide age range!

Over 1000 combinations!

For boys and girls ages 5+

What's in the kit:
- Stencil + frame.
- 6 Coloring pencils.
- Instructions.

Materials + Size

Materials: Plywood.
Size: 24.5 X 23 X 3 cm / 8.25 x 7 x 2.75 in



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