Avalanche - A Diagonal Shelf for Toilet Paper Rolls

Avalanche is a lightweight diagonal toilet paper rolls shelf that holds up to 6 TP rolls in every diameter.

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Avalanche is a diagonal toilet paper rolls shelf that holds up to 6 TP rolls in every diameter like a charm.

This bathroom organizer unit is just the perfect fit for so many gift occasions.

Mounting directions:
1. Attach the figure using the supplied nut and screw.
2. Select a smooth, even-surfaced wall (plaster, tile, etc.) to mount the shelf. Make sure the surface is clean and ripple-free, for best results.
3. Mount at any angle between 7-30 to keep rolls in place.
4. Use the supplied screws for secure and stable mounting.
5. Follow the instructional picture on the package: Insert the pointed end of the attached Stopper into a toilet paper roll just under the inner cardboard or between the layers of the tissue paper. Then insert the Stopper’s teeth to the intended slots on the shelf (with the toilet paper roll still attached to the Stopper).
6. The first toilet paper roll should be fixed in its place. Arrange up to 6 rolls on the shelf.
Notice: Remove the Stopper from the back of the last toilet paper roll before using it. Keep the Stopper safe until you restock and reactivate the magic.

- Standard screws, and anchors are included.
- Color: Black
- Max weight limit: 3(KG) / 6.6(lbs)

Materials + Size

Materials: Metal
Size : 45 x 10 x 2.5 cm / 17.7 x 4 x 1 in

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