Let’s Travel the World!

Exploring new destinations requires a good set of survival skills and the best travel tools. So, if you’re planning to hit the road
this season, be sure to pack some confidence into your bag and grab these essentials for your trip.
Don’t let these nightmares ruin your dream of a calm, peaceful flight. Before you head on to your next adventure, make sure
to get yourself the On Board - Compact Travel Kit . Designed to make travel fun and stress-free, this awesome travel kit has
everything every traveler needs, from eye mask and face towel to ear plugs.

On Board

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Piece of Bake

For most cultures, baking is a big part of everyday diet. It is lucky that we get baking utensils that not only makes baking a lot
easier but allows room for creativity and fun as well. Take this The Brilliant Reading Rest -Blue, for example. This product
allows you to check your cookbook without having to use your hands to lift it up. It is very useful in checking measurements
and following the next step you need to do.

Reading Rest


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Under the Sea

The underwater world is a place full of wonder. As habitat to the most fascinating creatures in the planet, under the sea is a
great source of inspiration for creative items at home.


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How Do You Like Your Tea?

Do you know that tea is second only to water when it comes to the most widely consumed drink in the world? Thus, different
cultures have different ways of preparing it. Whether you like your tea with sugar or honey, hot or cold, infused or in a tea bag,
there are fun and effective ways to prepare this beloved drink.

Paper Boat Tea Infuser


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A Dash of Quirkiness in Your Home With Artsy Home Essentials

Throughout centuries, art has provided us with visual artefacts that display an artist’s technical and imaginative skills. It is
human creative achievement celebrated for its aesthetics and emotional contribution to our culture and individual lives.

The Head


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Fun Cork Knicknacks – Take Your Pick!

The cork is one of the most environment-friendly raw materials available, with zero toxins and zero additives. This is why
it’s also one of the best materials to use for fashioning a wide range of home, office and personal products – from
corkboards for the office, wine stoppers to knickknacks and even toys!

Corkers Complete Collection


Image: The Complete Corkers Collection

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A Dog or a Cat for Everyone

Dogs and cats are the most popular and well-loved pets in homes. These flurry animals easily make their way into our hearts
with their puppy eyes and warm balls of fur. And whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lady or guy, these dog and cat-inspired
items – from vegetable and fruit peelers to key holders and other decorative knickknacks – are the perfect addition to your
home or office space.

Catpeeler black cat white cat


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Easy breezy fruits and vegetable décor

A rocking party is always part company, part food and part the little touches that add an extra oomph to your event: the music
you’ve picked, the lights and the candles, the doilies you’ve set up, and even the food décor you’ve prepared to add color, shape
and character to your food.

Karoto Sharpener and Peeler


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Top Travel Themed Products

Feed the wanderlust in you whether you’re jet setting to another destination or mapping out your next trip from your own room!
Cute travel trinkets will get your feet itchy to fly and ride, taste and explore new places and culture.

Camera Light

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Take a Trip to Space – Right in Your Homes

Remember that childhood dream of riding a spaceship and travelling to outer space? Well, space tourism may be possible now
but also absurdly expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bit of the outer space into your home. Here are some cool,
space-inspired products to give that added character to your place.



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