Pegzini Family: Bringing More Fun Into Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Activities

Pegzini Family

The laundry pegs that I’ve gotten – the Pegzini Family , which is a set of highwire
laundry clothespins – have just made my laundry and dry cleaning activities a lot
more fun. I mean who wouldn’t have fun with all these cute laundry pegs that are
all gravity-defying and laundry drying.

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Cake Divider: Events Becomes Pieces of Cakes

cake divider

I am an event planner and being one means that I must have all the tools
needed to create the perfect celebration. Of all the tools that I have, the
Cake Divider proves to be the most useful. What’s a party if there isn’t
any cake, anyway?

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Make Your Kitchen Cool with the Bubbles


For many people, decorating a kitchen is not only a huge but also an expensive endeavor.
This, however, is not always true, for there are various inexpensive ways to give your
kitchen a fresher and newer look. And you don’t have to move walls, change your floor
tiles or change your paint to do so. One good way to give your kitchen a cool ambience
is to accessorize it with unique but also useful kitchen accessories.

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Holiday Gift Guide - Our Selection

holiday gift guide

1. Yogurt Tablecloth : 100% cotton in loveable patterns and colors, bringing beauty
light and joy to the table. Available in 3 sizes
2. Classic B&W Kitchen Set : A smart kitchen set to facilitate kitchen work and
maintain elegant appearance. 5 pcs set
3. Cake Divider : With only one simple click you can divide your Cake into 6, 8, 10
or 14 equal pieces.
4. Karoto - Sharpener & peeler : Peel, sharpen & curl ribbons of carrots, zucchini,
cucumbers and other similar shaped vegetables to decorate and add flair to your
salads and dishes.
5. Corkers : An original addition to the wine bottle you bring to dinner‭. Bring your
dinner party and your bottle corks to life with these cute‭, ‬collectable animal parts‭.
6. Forest Basket : Hand made cork & rubber Basket with Forest print for the home
and for the dinner table.
7. Hankie Pocketbook set : Carrying a notepad has never been so suave‭! ‬ The
Hankie Pocketbook adds a touch of elegance and style to your image‭. 3 pcs set
8. Zipmark set : This zipper is bound to open your book on the right page! 3 pcs set
colors: red, blue, green
9. Blue Stars Umbrella :Keep them dry in style. Automatic opening mechanism.

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Door Eye Sticker: It’s More Than Just a Sticker

camera sticker

Just a few months ago, I got this cool dog sticker , which I have placed
at my front door. While not really my intention to show it off to my
neighbors and visitors, I was surprised to learn that every single person
who knocks at my door seems to have appreciated that funky, little
cute sticker. They said that they can’t help but smile every time they’re
at my door, and that the sticker really showed off that funky and witty
side of me, and my sense of humor as well.

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Dine like Royalty with the Royal Placemats

royal placemats

Light up your mornings with playing cards as placemats placed underneath your
bowl of cereal or your plate of eggs and bacon.

The Royal Placemats is a 4-set uniquely designed placemats and are based from
the characters of King, Queen, Jack and Ace. From a distance, they would look
like blown up cards that you would normally use in playing solitaire but if you would
look closely, you would notice that the characters in the cards are actually holding
food! Isn’t that a cool twist?

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Keeping Your Office Organized with an A- Clip


Keeping your office free from clutter and distractions will surely eliminate undue stress
and improve your efficiency and productivity at work. Since the desk is one of the
important features in any office, maintaining a clutter-free and well- organized desk
plays an important role in keeping your office neat and clean. Organizing your
workspace is not difficult at all and you may also find it fun. The perfect way to do this
is to use the best desk organizers.

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How Silicone Bottle Screws Make Bottle Recycling So Much Easier

bottle screws

There are enough glass bottles thrown out to fill a skyscraper every month.
But because it takes 4000 years before these wastes are fully decomposed,
just throwing these wastes away can cause problems in the future, and to
avoid this, people can just reuse or recycle them instead of throwing them away.

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Charging Charlie: The Fireman with a Special Mission

Charging Charlie

Charging Charlie is a unique and functional accessory. It is practical yet adds
a character to any table or shelf.
Wondering who Charlie is? Charlie is your charger’s best friend. His job is to
hold up the cord of your mobile phone charger as he “stands”, literally, on your
desk. With Charlie around, you don’t have to worry if the cord is in its right
place even as you go about your daily routine. You can genuinely say that your
charger cable is definitely in good hands.

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Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder: Practically Beautiful

Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel is an indispensable thing to have in your kitchen. It makes cooking cleaner
because it is a one-use then dispose hand dryer. Instead of using the cloth hand towel
where germs may accumulate, this is a better way to go. But paper towels are fragile in
the sense that they get soiled and tear easily. So here’s the Cat and Crow Paper Towel
, a durable kitchen accessory with a design that looks either romantic or sinister,
depending on how you view it.

At first look, it would look like the cat is preying on the bird but if you look closer, it is
something else. Aside from awakening the romantic side in you, this paper towel holder
also makes an interesting conversation starter. Guests would love to talk about it and
marvel at how efficient it is in its role without breaking its unique design. Its height is
perfect for most paper towels too. With something as beautiful as this adorning your
home, you can display it as it is too. And that’s not only for the kitchen but for your living
room and dining room as well.

With its design and material, the Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder is also the perfect
gift to give in any occasion.

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