Turnkey Pencil Sharpener: New Style, Same Function

turnkey sharpener

Sharpening your pencil is a very boring task because all you have to do is turn
the pencil in one direction. So add a bit of life to this otherwise repetitive task by
using a Turnkey Pencil Sharpener . This sharpener is a mix of the old and the
new as it is made of bright colored red and clean sharp silver but the concept
is so retro. Remember that turnkeys were popular during the 80s when the
present-day door knobs were not yet developed. So having something that
reminds you of the past in this modern world is indeed attention grabbing.

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Time to Play Magician with the Bunny Popsicles

bunny popsicles

Play abracadabra with your little one with the magic bunny popsicles .
The Bunny Popsicles  are molds, but with a unique twist. The Bunny
Popsicles is best for jellies and a host of other delicious treats that
need molding. If you want your kid to enjoy such treats even more
and if you want to have a fun time with your kid, the Bunny Popsicles
may just be what you need!

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Make Finding the Right Key Fun with Eye-catching Key Toppers

key toppers

Have you ever experienced standing in front of your house for a long time,
growing more exasperated every second just because you could not find
the right key to open the main door? Especially since the further and the
harder you search for the key, the more the house key seems to elude
you? Then you would probably find key toppers very useful.

Key toppers are cute, silicon-made, key accessories or key “slip covers”
which can be placed on the head of a key of any size to give the key a
distinctive and interesting look. However, key toppers are not just pretty
but worthless decorations for keys; key toppers actually provide a simple
yet ingenious way of organizing keys.

Key toppers come in many shapes and sizes but the most useful designs
are the simpler designs: a house, a car, and a lock. One key topper is for
the house key, one key topper is for the car key, and one topper is for any
type of item protected by a metal lock such as a room, a trunk, or a
treasure chest.

These simple designs help you find the right key in an instant. Thus, no
more prolonged searching for the right key and no more fumbling and flip
through several keys to find which key they are looking for. You can just
look at the key topper and find the key that you are looking for. No more
confusion, no more exasperation, and no more wasted time.

After all, keys, which are part of the metal-lock-and-key security system
tandem, are small but very important parts of daily lives. Your keys allow
you to open your house, to start your car, and to unlock your treasured
security vault. But keys actually do more for you than that.

Indeed, keys open a lot of doors, literally and metaphorically. A house key
is not just a key that opens the most familiar building in your life; that key
is like a reminder of a gateway to comfort, relaxation, and peace. That
key also signifies that you were blessed enough to have a home. A car
key is not just a key that makes a car start: that key symbolizes
convenience, freedom, and the ability to go just about anywhere.

That is why most people carry a set of keys in their person at all times
and that is also why these same people become uneasy when they
realize that their keys are not with them. However, the problem with
having a set of keys is that many of these people have also spent a
significant amount of time in front of locked doors, trying to find the
right key. The truth is, just about everyone could benefit from key

key toppers

So, if you are looking for a unique gift to give your friends and loved
ones or if you want to find a nice give-away for co-workers and
colleagues, then you couldn’t go wrong if you give them a set of key
toppers. Just do not be surprised if some people would tell you that
the set of key toppers is the best gift that they have received.

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It’s Elegance for Less with the Hankie Pocketbook

hankie pocketbook

The Hankie Pocketook can make you look elegant without spending
too much. It’s a notepad that’s shaped like a hankie that you put
inside your coat’s front pocket for a touch of style. So with the
Hankie Pocketbook, you would instantly look like a boss even if you
are not! If you need something to write notes on, just reach inside
your front pocket and take out that hankie to flip it open then start
writing. This is good to use for keeping important notes, such as
phone numbers of a new friend you just met or important
appointments for the day.

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Keeping Letters in Place with the Inbox


A paperless society is far from reality and you are constantly reminded
of this whenever you receive letters in the mail. Most of these are
promotional campaigns while others are really important like bills and
insurance paperwork. So to keep all the latest mails in one place, put
them in your Inbox . No, that does not mean your email Inbox but a cool
letter holder that is shaped like an envelope (like the Gmail’s logo). It is
made of powder coated metal so you can rely on its ability to hold
multiple letters at once. It’s basically just the skeleton of an envelope
with nothing in between. You’d know you’re positioning it right because
the front and back closely resemble a real envelope.


Aside from letters, you can also use the Inbox to store your notes and
use it to hold a letter that you want the rest of the household to read. 
With its gray frames that go with any interior décor, the Inbox can also
be a perfect living room, kitchen or bedroom accessory.

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Fun Wall Decals for your Home

frames wall decal

Some people love reinventing the look of their home. The problem is not
everyone is a designer or carpenter. On top of that, home redecoration
can be messy and difficult. Good thing there are wall decals to help
transform your home’s look without moving furniture pieces or using a nail.

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Spice Up the Party with the Corkers

corkers collection

For many people, throwing a party is extremely stressful. Aside from
planning on food and entertainment, you also have to consider table
presentation. But here’s an easy way to spice up your dinner party
table: accessorize it with a bottle of wine with the Corkers ! The
Corkers is a unique wine bottle accessory that comes in six designs:
monkey, deer, bear, bunny, and crow.

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Bring Your Walls to Life with Clock Wall Decals

cuckoo clock wall decal

Are you tired of looking at the plain white walls in your home? Why not
brighten it up with unique clock wall decals? This is indeed a great idea
if you want to give your home a brand new look.

Wall decals are not like your ordinary wall stickers or wallpapers. These
decorative items are made out of a sophisticated material to ensure that
you can get quality results when you put them onto your wall. Wall decals
come in a variety of designs that would suit anyone with a creative spirit.
With the wide range of awesome options at Animi Causa Boutique, you
can choose any design that you want according to your personal taste
and style.

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Primavera Vase: Unique and Spectacular Holiday Gift Idea

primavera vase

Going green this holiday season? Why not give primavera vases
as Holiday presents? Primavera vase is not only environment-friendly
but is also one of the most unique and spectacular gift ideas that
you can give to your loved ones, especially to the most special
woman in your life, your mom.

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Geppeto’s Pencil Sharpener – Bringing New Life to Your Pencil

Geppeto pencil sharpener

Choosing birthday gifts for your child will always be a challenge with the many
options there are on the market. But I believe that the perfect birthday gifts do
not have to be flashy or expensive. The perfect gifts are those that will be
treasured and always be remembered by your kid. These may not only be cool,
unique and exciting gifts but are also functional, something that your kid will
love and will find useful.

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