Organization Made Easy With the Tidy Desktop Organizer

tidy desktop organizer

A cluttered desk is oftentimes a symbol of a busy schedule and at times, of how
important a person is. CEOs have piles of recommendations that need to be
signed and reports that need to be reviewed. In the midst of all the cluttered
paperwork on top of a desk, finding little objects like paper clips and pens become
similar to the task of finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there is the Tidy
Desktop Organizer

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Tiny Mag Pal: Stylish, Economical and Practical

Tiny Mag Pal

Ceramic mugs are extremely popular giveaway ideas for almost any occasion.
They are also widely used in promotional marketing because they are stylish,
economical, environment friendly and practical. Among the most popular
designs is the tiny mag pal, which has a figure of a dwarf guarding whatever
you decide on putting inside.

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Holiday gift Guide - Our Selection

holiday gifts

1. Geppeto’s Pencil sharpener - Geppeto knows how to design a pencil
sharpener that is cute and has real character. $11.99 free shipping
2. Key Petite - Superstrong and stylish, Connect her to any metal surface
and let her hold your keys! $14.85 free shipping
3. Boris - Cell mate - Boris will carry your mobile phone while it charges,
keeping the charger cable neat and tidy on your table top. $15.99 free shipping
4. Forest Tissue box Cover - A beautiful and stylish Tissue box Cover
made of cork with screen printing. $17.99 free shipping
5. Lasso Bottle Holder - Wine bottle holder, made of rope,magically holds
the bottle in thin air. $31.99 free shipping
6. Razor Bottle Opener - Stylish bottle opener in the shape of a razor
blade, made of stainless steel with a quality finish. $16.99 free shipping
7. Beetle car kit - Build your own Wooden beetle car.
constructing the 3D  Wooden puzzle is easy with clearly large pieces that
fit together without tools or glue. $29.99 free shipping
8. Video Notebook - Retro notebooks to record your thoughts, travel notes,
recipes etc. $20.99 free shipping
9. Smart Apron - A smart new apron to facilitate kitchen work and maintain
elegant appearance. $34.99 free shipping

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Waiter! A Kitchen Towel Please

kitchen towel hanger

There are a lot of things an annoyed person can do to a scattered kitchen
towel. He would rather leave it in a corner if it will not be needed for some
chore, but mostly he would use the cabinet under the sink to stash away
the used damp towel. Although someone more diligent would either hang
it on the handle of the oven door or hook it on the refrigerator handle, the
really kitchen wise one would use a kitchen towel hanger to keep
everything in its rightful place.

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Business Card Holder – Naked Woman

business card holder

Add a naughty twist to your otherwise plain and paper-crowded desk
with a naked woman business card holder . It’s a refreshing piece of
office item to look at especially after a hard day’s work. However,
aside from being an eye-catcher and a fun office table decoration, the
Business Card Holder-Naked Woman also plays a vital function in
keeping your job easy and enjoyable.

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Arrow Bookends for Bookworms

arrow bookend

A pile of neatly stacked books always beats a clutter of random books, and
that’s what bookends are invented for. As we all know, organizing a number
of books or a huge library of such items can be a daunting task. Thanks to
the unique Arrow bookends , this task is now made not only easier but fun as
well. Arrow bookends are sure to pique the happy hormone while you
organize your books in your room, library or living room to open up a much
wider and neater space for convenience.

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Things You Can Store in Your Boox Store

boox store

If you are already annoyed seeing little things like pencils, ball pens, or accessories
scattered everywhere in the house, then the Boox Store storage box is just right for
you. This storage box, which looks like a pile of books, is where you can store or
keep your things in place, thus leaving your home clutter-free.

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Surprise Your Love with the Cool Pocket Penpals

pocket pen pals

Pocket penpals are excellent alternatives to the traditional gift ideas .
Unlike the ordinary thin, short and easily misplaced pens, these pens
have funny characters as caps and brilliantly colored thick bodies for
easy handling.

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The Eco Deer: Love for your Man and Nature

eco deer

Finding gifts for my boyfriend has always been a fun treat and a challenge. He’s
got very quirky ideas for boyfriend gifts . On our anniversary last month, he
suggested I should get him a stuffed deer head that he can hang on the wall
fronting his office door. He said it’s so anyone entering his office would know
how macho he is. He was, of course, laughing and giving me a wink while he
said this. He knew I was bound to twist his gift suggestions my way. Oh no, I
would never get him a real stuffed deer head. I can’t bear carrying any around
knowing it used to be attached to a body. So I went online to look for my kind of
boyfriend gift that has green design —my way of saying, ‘I’d rather have the color
green than the color red on my hands.’

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Keeping Your Tables Looking Good As New with the Flexible Trivet

flexible trivets

Cracks and stains on tabletops result from the lack of trivets. A trivet is an
object that is placed underneath a bowl, or any kitchen ware that contains
hot food in order to prevent its direct contact with your table surface. In the
past, it was made of iron but there were two problems from such design:
iron is a heat conductor and it is heavy. That’s why home makers continued
to create new revisions until they came up with the flexible trivet that is
made of a combination of silicone and metal.

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