Things You Can Store in Your Boox Store

boox store

If you are already annoyed seeing little things like pencils, ball pens, or accessories
scattered everywhere in the house, then the Boox Store storage box is just right for
you. This storage box, which looks like a pile of books, is where you can store or
keep your things in place, thus leaving your home clutter-free.

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Surprise Your Love with the Cool Pocket Penpals

pocket pen pals

Pocket penpals are excellent alternatives to the traditional gift ideas .
Unlike the ordinary thin, short and easily misplaced pens, these pens
have funny characters as caps and brilliantly colored thick bodies for
easy handling.

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The Eco Deer: Love for your Man and Nature

eco deer

Finding gifts for my boyfriend has always been a fun treat and a challenge. He’s
got very quirky ideas for boyfriend gifts . On our anniversary last month, he
suggested I should get him a stuffed deer head that he can hang on the wall
fronting his office door. He said it’s so anyone entering his office would know
how macho he is. He was, of course, laughing and giving me a wink while he
said this. He knew I was bound to twist his gift suggestions my way. Oh no, I
would never get him a real stuffed deer head. I can’t bear carrying any around
knowing it used to be attached to a body. So I went online to look for my kind of
boyfriend gift that has green design —my way of saying, ‘I’d rather have the color
green than the color red on my hands.’

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Keeping Your Tables Looking Good As New with the Flexible Trivet

flexible trivets

Cracks and stains on tabletops result from the lack of trivets. A trivet is an
object that is placed underneath a bowl, or any kitchen ware that contains
hot food in order to prevent its direct contact with your table surface. In the
past, it was made of iron but there were two problems from such design:
iron is a heat conductor and it is heavy. That’s why home makers continued
to create new revisions until they came up with the flexible trivet that is
made of a combination of silicone and metal.

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Cute Office Gifts That Help Me Work Smart

Bianca Memo

A cute hippo is the best assistant for an executive assistant like me. This
adorable thing has kept her position on top of my office desk ever since
someone gave her to me along with other office gifts . Before you ask, pets
are not allowed in our building. But Bianca my hippo is very much welcome

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Boris – Cell Mate: Keeping Your Phone Safe and Secure

boris cell mate

Today, living seems like being on the freeway. Everything is fast-paced.
Even technology changes right before our very eyes. Your smart phone
has become an integral part of your life because most models are
programmed as appointment reminders, alarm clocks, on-the-go web
browsers, and portable MS office applications and so on. All these added
features are still on top of the phones’ primary functions and that is to
provide an easier means of communication. So unless you can afford to
miss important calls or messages, your phone must be checked every
so often so it has to be perched on the boris – cell mate to make this
task easier for you.

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Introducing the Doorganizer


What Everyone’s Favorite Doorganizer Does?

The Doorganizer is a perfect hanging reminder for your doorknob. With it, you can
organize all your basic often-forgotten essentials and hang it in one simple place.
This attractive organizer is ideal for storing keys, cellular phones, eyeglasses, and
even your favorite handheld devices and music players. If you want, you can even
fit in envelopes and newspapers into the strip located at the back for an easy
accessibility anytime.

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Clean Cooking with a Pot Lid Stand

pot lid stand

The kitchen sink is one of the hotbeds for bacteria but not all people know
of this fact. That is why you won’t usually mind placing the ladle, spoon or
pot lid on top of the sink while you do your cooking. Although heat kills
most bacteria, there are toxins that may have ensued because of bacterial
growth. Surely you wouldn’t want to put a hot plate of toxins at the table so
to reduce such possibility, so use a pot lid stand.

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The Balata Trivet

pot trivet

Introducing the Balata Trivet

Balata trivet is a decorative item used to protect counters and tables inside your home
every time you put hotpots on them. Other trivets are plain in design, but this particular
is a great exemption with its great and highly decorative combination of colors and
warmth that truly adds life to your kitchen. With its 20 x 20 x 0.8 cm. dimensions, one
simple look at it and you will know that this will suit whatever mood you are in.

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Want Something You Can Bring Anywhere with You? Try the Pillbox

pill box

If you are looking to buy some unique gift ideas online for your friends and loved ones, or
even for yourself, clicking right into the Animi Causa Boutique website will get you into
the right spot. The site offers many attractive gift types you can choose from, with all
their cool and cute home items perfectly designed to stimulate style into your home. One
particular item that stands out among the rest is surprisingly something that you and
anyone else can bring with you outside wherever you go, the Pillbox.

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