In Treatment: A Unique Design Gift For All Occasions

tissue holder In Treatment

I cannot live without my tissue box. I always make sure that I have
a box or two at work, in the bedroom, bathroom and even in the
kitchen. Because I often suffer from allergies and sinusitis and
because a hanky is not just enough for me, I always make sure
that I wouldn’t run out of this thing. Not only for blowing my nose,
I always make sure that I have supply of tissue for my face or for
cleaning my computer keyboard at work before I start working.

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Lasso Bottle Holder: Your Unique Home Accessory


I always want to keep a few wine bottles in my mini-bar and kitchen
counter not only because I  am a wine lover myself but also because
they are nice decorations. Most especially if stored in stylish wine
holders, wine bottles can make your kitchen look cool and stylish
as well.  There are many wine bottle holders available on the market
today, but what captured my attention is the Lasso bottle holder.

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Unique Office Gifts: Yes to the No-Sign Holder

unique gifts no sign

When it comes to decorative desk accessories, I think that there is
only a thin line between funny and tacky. But tacky can be funny,
and funny can be a lot of things. So in my book there are really no
absolute rules when picking out items for my office desk, except
that I must like it, even for no apparent reason. After all, I’ll be facing
these items the whole day everyday! A little humor helps a lot for a
long workday ahead, so it’s nice to look at something once in a while
that can lift your spirits high. Of course, the framed photo of my baby
lights my face up with a smile, while the funny note from my girlfriend
makes me grin. But, there are things that elicit an actual little laugh
that can actually take the fog out of a cloudy work day. Take for
example the No-Sign holder. It’s one of the most unique gifts I’ve ever
received that is not only interesting but functional also. 

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Kitchen Accessories that Combine Form and Function

design blog palette it coasters

I am crazy for coasters. It’s a bit of a surprise really, especially for
those who know that I’m very far from being a domestic diva. But I
don’t really use or buy these kitchen accessories for their original
purpose. After all, I was pretty sure that my industrial-themed, DIY
furniture can withstand glass rings resulting from the moisture of
hot or cold drinks. Or so I thought. Basically, I bought my first set
of coasters just because they look so pretty. I’ve lost count of the
succeeding buys after that first time.

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The Yellow Tea Sub and The Golden Tea

unique gift tea sub

Tea drinking aficionados may hold countless debates on how to make
the perfect tea. But all conflicts can stop with the use of a submarine.
That’s right – a yellow little submarine that you can fill with tea leaves
and submerge in your cup of hot water, infusing it with fresh, aromatic
tea flavor.

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Accessorizing Your Work Desk with Computer Jewelry

boyfriend gifts computer jewelry

As a graphic designer, my boyfriend works long hours in front of the
computer creating images for clients. While he is generally rich with
ideas for his pieces, there are times when he runs out of them.
Finding inspiration is of course crucial to anyone working in this
industry. So every time I buy him gifts, I look for ones that are sure to

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Chic Gifts – The Clicklight Lampshade

modern furniture Clicklight lampshade

Of the many important phases of decorating, the most important feature
of a house and home in terms of ambience, for me, is lighting. Good,
economical, reliable lighting is a must in every home. The need for light
is as deeply rooted in our psyche as the need for warmth and food is,
and to that effect many attempts have been made throughout the

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Key Pete: The Perfect Man of the House

key petite

I have a history of losing my keys. So when Key Pete came around,
it’s as if my life has changed forever. Key Pete been the most
protective and effective guardian of my numerous keys, and I haven’t
lost a single minute again just searching for a lost one.

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Create a Theatrical Effect on Your Bookshelf with the Falling Bookend

unique gifts falling bookend

The Falling Bookend is a brilliant work of art that angles your books in
a striking way. It creates a theatrical situation on your bookshelf that
will encourage conversations. If you want people to read your books
and discuss ideas with them later, you should probably grab one right
away.  One good way to invoke discussions is to create an interesting

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Fun in the Kitchen with Jumpin Jacks

kitchen accessories jumpin jacks

I used to rarely if ever use the kitchen for anything. With fast food
and take-out counters and diners all about, I was swayed to simply
ditch the knife and stove and just buy food to eat on the go. But I
was always pining for the good old fashioned days when food was
prepared on a stove and the aroma of cooking filled our house with

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