Dining In with a Cooking Guide Apron

kitchen accessories cooking guide apron

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
That goes for men, too. As a bachelor, I have my share of experiences
that can prove sometimes, cooking dinner for your date gains you more
points than taking her to a fancy restaurant.  In fact, it is also a great gift idea
for occasions like anniversary, Valentine’s day, or even just ordinary days
I’m man enough to admit I’m no Jaime Oliver or Anthony Bourdain. But with
a little help from my Cooking Guide Apron , I can deliver a mean pesto pasta,
grilled steak, or a roasted vegetable salad like a pro. I can even whip it while
sipping red wine or making interesting conversation with my girl, as the
Cooking Guide Apron is printed with

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Video Notebook: Recording Memories the Retro Way

boyfriend gifts video notebook

VHS tapes and manual note-taking are considered old-school that they’re now actually cool.
Mixed together, and you get a creatively retro Video Notebook .

The item is an actual notebook, with 260 pages of ruled or plain, smooth paper. It is sized
at H19 x W11 x D2.5 centimeters – the exact size of a VHS tape, which is actually what’s
shown in the notebook’s cover. In fact, when the notebook is closed, it really looks like an
actual, real-life VHS tape, until it opens and the creamy, matte pages are revealed.

The lined edition is one of the best gift ideas for your writer and wanna-be writer friends who
will want to

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Pretzel Key Ring: Fun and Functional Design Masterpiece

birthday gifts pretzel keyring

Everybody has a favorite pretzel: plain salted, garlic with cheese dip, sugarcoated,
raspberry swirled... the list goes on as many new flavors and recipes are thought up
by pretzel fans each day. Buy if you would ask me my favorite, I will have to say that
the kind of pretzel I love works as a key ring.

The pretzel key ring is designed by the internationally renowned design studio Ototo.
The studio is known for their intelligent designs that seamlessly combine function and
humor, irony or commentary. I love how their products go beyond making things pretty
or useful or both. For some people, their products can be considered almost works of
art and are unique wedding gifts , holiday gifts , or birthday gifts

When I first saw this

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Pen Tower : An Ultimate Desk Space Saver

unique gifts Pen Tower

Pen Tower is oftentimes an overlooked piece of equipment in an office environment.
At first glance you will spot it as an ordinary pen holder that every office worker has.
However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that there is something special in it.
Its space saving capacity allows any limited desk space to store other important things
like documents, to-do list, and receipts. Thus, this desk office organizer not only helps
you sort out your desk tools, but also lets you work undisturbed as well.

Pen Tower is definitely the smartest solution to every messy desk. I would highly
recommend this to anyone who is having

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Sparrow Salad Set: Best for Family Gatherings

 unique gifts spparow salad set

Inviting people to come over for a meal is best when you have a sparrow salad set. 
In family gatherings, the absence of a salad on the table would mean a dull meal.
On the contrary, if you present a delicious salad with a beautiful and well designed bowl,
you are sure to make the meal enticing, wholesome and fun. Having more food just
simply means more family interaction.

The eco-friendly sparrow salad set , including the container box, is made from 100%
recyclable material.  Perfect for every

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Pushpin Collection

Pushpin Collection

Culturally, butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts
butterflies are widely used also in various objects of art.
It is a popular belief that butterflies have very short life of only one day
however these butterflies will fly for good on your memo board.
9 artificial butterflies which are decorative pushpins for everyday use,
will add the colours of spring to your room.
The Ancient Greek word for "butterfly" primarily means "soul"
so if butterflies are in your soul and you always dreamed of a butterfly
collection but you are too "green" to have real dead butterflies on the wall
just know that NO butterflies were harmed in the making of this product!

measurements of the box : H19 x W15 x D4.20cm

The name "Butterfly" comes in 9 different languages under each butterfly:
Papillon, Mariposa, Borboleta,arfalla,Kelebek,Schmetterling,פרפר
and another one that I don't have characters for it in my keyboard!

Price: $12.99 more info

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