How Do You Like Your Tea?

Do you know that tea is second only to water when it comes to the most widely consumed drink in the world? Thus, different
cultures have different ways of preparing it. Whether you like your tea with sugar or honey, hot or cold, infused or in a tea bag,
there are fun and effective ways to prepare this beloved drink.

Paper Boat Tea Infuser



This tea sub for example, is great for creating the perfect infusion while presenting your favourite brew in a quirky way. Who
says tea is boring and old school when you have fun tea infusers like this? If you’re not into subs, you can try this paper boat
tea infuser instead. This silicone-made item stays on the surface, leaving your cup of tea looking interesting. It is a great
conversation starter indeed!

Tea Sub

If you are not a fan of watercrafts, try this robot tea infuser made of stainless steel instead. It has adjustable arms so it fits
different mug sizes. You can also try this umbrella tea infuser to help you enjoy your warm tea on a cold rainy day. Or, maybe
you want to add color with this Baby Nessy tri-color tea infuser set available in 3 colors. On the other hand, if you are a tea
bag type of person, this tea house tea bag dispenser can make preparing a cup so much easier and more organized.


Umbrella Tea Infuser

Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

Tea House

Other than these interesting tea infusers, you can also use this sugar house sugar bowl to your set to add magic to your
tea break. People who are more into honey, however, can opt for this tulip honey dripper that fits the ledge of the honey jar
or tea cup. As a finishing touch, try this June spoon holder that you can attach to your sugar jars for a more convenient
tea break. Now you can definitely make your morning and afternoon teas more special!

Sugar House

Tulip Honey Dripper

June Spoon



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