Let’s Travel the World!

Exploring new destinations requires a good set of survival skills and the best travel tools. So, if you’re planning to hit the road
this season, be sure to pack some confidence into your bag and grab these essentials for your trip.
Don’t let these nightmares ruin your dream of a calm, peaceful flight. Before you head on to your next adventure, make sure
to get yourself the On Board - Compact Travel Kit . Designed to make travel fun and stress-free, this awesome travel kit has
everything every traveler needs, from eye mask and face towel to ear plugs.

On Board

While getting lost is all part of a traveler’s experience, it’s never fun. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just beginning to 
tap into your wanderlust, it’s essential to always have a  Scratch Map Travel Edition  on hand so you can easily keep track of 
all the places you have been and preserve your travel memories.

Scratch Map Travel Edition

When it comes to road trips, there’s no better companion than a good book. If you love to read while traveling, then don’t
forget to slip the Clip On Double-LED Booklight into your travel bag. Afraid of the dark? If you’re heading to darker territories,
another essential you should bring with you when traveling is the Camera Light - Battery-powered bedside light. Not only is
this camera light ideal for lighting up your night life, it’s also perfect for taking gorgeous holiday photos.

Book Light

Camera Light

Traveling is fun, but it can sometimes be filled with unforeseen challenges. Repairs and emergencies, no matter how small,
can spoil your trip, so always bring with you a Clippa Set - Mini tools clip to avoid stress when awful things happen on the road.


Nothing ruins a good vacation more than a lost luggage. Keep your luggage secure throughout your travel with the adorable
Tag Me - Luggage Tag . Aside from your luggage, it’s also important to keep your passport safe. Your passport is your most
precious travel document. Keep it concealed and protect it from damage with A Novel Passport Cover . You may also place
it, along with your other travel documents in the Airmail - Travel documents wallet . Having these little travel essentials and
mastering some simple travel rules will surely make your trip a wonderful experience.

Tag Me

A Novel Paaport Covers


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