Pegzini Family: Bringing More Fun Into Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Activities

Pegzini Family

The laundry pegs that I’ve gotten – the Pegzini Family , which is a set of highwire
laundry clothespins – have just made my laundry and dry cleaning activities a lot
more fun. I mean who wouldn’t have fun with all these cute laundry pegs that are
all gravity-defying and laundry drying.

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Holiday Gift Guide - Our Selection

holiday gift guide

1. Yogurt Tablecloth : 100% cotton in loveable patterns and colors, bringing beauty
light and joy to the table. Available in 3 sizes
2. Classic B&W Kitchen Set : A smart kitchen set to facilitate kitchen work and
maintain elegant appearance. 5 pcs set
3. Cake Divider : With only one simple click you can divide your Cake into 6, 8, 10
or 14 equal pieces.
4. Karoto - Sharpener & peeler : Peel, sharpen & curl ribbons of carrots, zucchini,
cucumbers and other similar shaped vegetables to decorate and add flair to your
salads and dishes.
5. Corkers : An original addition to the wine bottle you bring to dinner‭. Bring your
dinner party and your bottle corks to life with these cute‭, ‬collectable animal parts‭.
6. Forest Basket : Hand made cork & rubber Basket with Forest print for the home
and for the dinner table.
7. Hankie Pocketbook set : Carrying a notepad has never been so suave‭! ‬ The
Hankie Pocketbook adds a touch of elegance and style to your image‭. 3 pcs set
8. Zipmark set : This zipper is bound to open your book on the right page! 3 pcs set
colors: red, blue, green
9. Blue Stars Umbrella :Keep them dry in style. Automatic opening mechanism.

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Door Eye Sticker: It’s More Than Just a Sticker

camera sticker

Just a few months ago, I got this cool dog sticker , which I have placed
at my front door. While not really my intention to show it off to my
neighbors and visitors, I was surprised to learn that every single person
who knocks at my door seems to have appreciated that funky, little
cute sticker. They said that they can’t help but smile every time they’re
at my door, and that the sticker really showed off that funky and witty
side of me, and my sense of humor as well.

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How Silicone Bottle Screws Make Bottle Recycling So Much Easier

bottle screws

There are enough glass bottles thrown out to fill a skyscraper every month.
But because it takes 4000 years before these wastes are fully decomposed,
just throwing these wastes away can cause problems in the future, and to
avoid this, people can just reuse or recycle them instead of throwing them away.

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Charging Charlie: The Fireman with a Special Mission

Charging Charlie

Charging Charlie is a unique and functional accessory. It is practical yet adds
a character to any table or shelf.
Wondering who Charlie is? Charlie is your charger’s best friend. His job is to
hold up the cord of your mobile phone charger as he “stands”, literally, on your
desk. With Charlie around, you don’t have to worry if the cord is in its right
place even as you go about your daily routine. You can genuinely say that your
charger cable is definitely in good hands.

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Time to Play Magician with the Bunny Popsicles

bunny popsicles

Play abracadabra with your little one with the magic bunny popsicles .
The Bunny Popsicles  are molds, but with a unique twist. The Bunny
Popsicles is best for jellies and a host of other delicious treats that
need molding. If you want your kid to enjoy such treats even more
and if you want to have a fun time with your kid, the Bunny Popsicles
may just be what you need!

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Spice Up the Party with the Corkers

corkers collection

For many people, throwing a party is extremely stressful. Aside from
planning on food and entertainment, you also have to consider table
presentation. But here’s an easy way to spice up your dinner party
table: accessorize it with a bottle of wine with the Corkers ! The
Corkers is a unique wine bottle accessory that comes in six designs:
monkey, deer, bear, bunny, and crow.

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Primavera Vase: Unique and Spectacular Holiday Gift Idea

primavera vase

Going green this holiday season? Why not give primavera vases
as Holiday presents? Primavera vase is not only environment-friendly
but is also one of the most unique and spectacular gift ideas that
you can give to your loved ones, especially to the most special
woman in your life, your mom.

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Holiday gift Guide - Our Selection

holiday gifts

1. Geppeto’s Pencil sharpener - Geppeto knows how to design a pencil
sharpener that is cute and has real character. $11.99 free shipping
2. Key Petite - Superstrong and stylish, Connect her to any metal surface
and let her hold your keys! $14.85 free shipping
3. Boris - Cell mate - Boris will carry your mobile phone while it charges,
keeping the charger cable neat and tidy on your table top. $15.99 free shipping
4. Forest Tissue box Cover - A beautiful and stylish Tissue box Cover
made of cork with screen printing. $17.99 free shipping
5. Lasso Bottle Holder - Wine bottle holder, made of rope,magically holds
the bottle in thin air. $31.99 free shipping
6. Razor Bottle Opener - Stylish bottle opener in the shape of a razor
blade, made of stainless steel with a quality finish. $16.99 free shipping
7. Beetle car kit - Build your own Wooden beetle car.
constructing the 3D  Wooden puzzle is easy with clearly large pieces that
fit together without tools or glue. $29.99 free shipping
8. Video Notebook - Retro notebooks to record your thoughts, travel notes,
recipes etc. $20.99 free shipping
9. Smart Apron - A smart new apron to facilitate kitchen work and maintain
elegant appearance. $34.99 free shipping

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Waiter! A Kitchen Towel Please

kitchen towel hanger

There are a lot of things an annoyed person can do to a scattered kitchen
towel. He would rather leave it in a corner if it will not be needed for some
chore, but mostly he would use the cabinet under the sink to stash away
the used damp towel. Although someone more diligent would either hang
it on the handle of the oven door or hook it on the refrigerator handle, the
really kitchen wise one would use a kitchen towel hanger to keep
everything in its rightful place.

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