Classic Kitchen Problem Gets Modern Solution: The Lid Sid

Lid Sid

Steam off your casserole before it’s too late by having the Lid Sid on
your pots and pans. The Lid Sid is an important addition to your kitchen
because it keeps you from having to scrub off the grease due to the
spilling of the liquids from your cooking. So if you love cooking but hate
the scrubbing part, the Lid Sid is your savior. The funny thing about this
piece of art is that it looks so much like a little man who is either so
tired of saving your kitchen that he’s gone limp or a man who’s in a
sauna trying to let off steam. You can have it with its head outside the
pot or you can have it showing you its behind.

Lid Sid

Lid Sid

Lid Sid

Lid Sid Package

If you buy it, it comes in a pack of two: one is red and the other one is
white. If you’re too conscious about the design, then you must know
that there are no other safer colors than these two. The Lid Sid stays
in place even in the hottest of temperatures and it is so durable that it
won’t leave behind any stains or melt and mix with your food. The
creativity of the designer plus the strength of the material makes it a
kitchen must-have.

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How To Create The Perfect Soup With Herb Infuser

Herb Infuser

Create the perfect soup with the Herb Infuser . This handy cooking tool is designed
to lock all the herbs and then unleash pure goodness into your hearty dish. This is
perfect for those who want their soup dishes to be physically herb-free but with the
full taste of rosemary, basil, thyme, dill and parsley.

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Cake Divider: Events Becomes Pieces of Cakes

cake divider

I am an event planner and being one means that I must have all the tools
needed to create the perfect celebration. Of all the tools that I have, the
Cake Divider proves to be the most useful. What’s a party if there isn’t
any cake, anyway?

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Make Your Kitchen Cool with the Bubbles


For many people, decorating a kitchen is not only a huge but also an expensive endeavor.
This, however, is not always true, for there are various inexpensive ways to give your
kitchen a fresher and newer look. And you don’t have to move walls, change your floor
tiles or change your paint to do so. One good way to give your kitchen a cool ambience
is to accessorize it with unique but also useful kitchen accessories.

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How Silicone Bottle Screws Make Bottle Recycling So Much Easier

bottle screws

There are enough glass bottles thrown out to fill a skyscraper every month.
But because it takes 4000 years before these wastes are fully decomposed,
just throwing these wastes away can cause problems in the future, and to
avoid this, people can just reuse or recycle them instead of throwing them away.

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Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder: Practically Beautiful

Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel is an indispensable thing to have in your kitchen. It makes cooking cleaner
because it is a one-use then dispose hand dryer. Instead of using the cloth hand towel
where germs may accumulate, this is a better way to go. But paper towels are fragile in
the sense that they get soiled and tear easily. So here’s the Cat and Crow Paper Towel
, a durable kitchen accessory with a design that looks either romantic or sinister,
depending on how you view it.

At first look, it would look like the cat is preying on the bird but if you look closer, it is
something else. Aside from awakening the romantic side in you, this paper towel holder
also makes an interesting conversation starter. Guests would love to talk about it and
marvel at how efficient it is in its role without breaking its unique design. Its height is
perfect for most paper towels too. With something as beautiful as this adorning your
home, you can display it as it is too. And that’s not only for the kitchen but for your living
room and dining room as well.

With its design and material, the Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder is also the perfect
gift to give in any occasion.

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Time to Play Magician with the Bunny Popsicles

bunny popsicles

Play abracadabra with your little one with the magic bunny popsicles .
The Bunny Popsicles  are molds, but with a unique twist. The Bunny
Popsicles is best for jellies and a host of other delicious treats that
need molding. If you want your kid to enjoy such treats even more
and if you want to have a fun time with your kid, the Bunny Popsicles
may just be what you need!

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Waiter! A Kitchen Towel Please

kitchen towel hanger

There are a lot of things an annoyed person can do to a scattered kitchen
towel. He would rather leave it in a corner if it will not be needed for some
chore, but mostly he would use the cabinet under the sink to stash away
the used damp towel. Although someone more diligent would either hang
it on the handle of the oven door or hook it on the refrigerator handle, the
really kitchen wise one would use a kitchen towel hanger to keep
everything in its rightful place.

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Keeping Your Tables Looking Good As New with the Flexible Trivet

flexible trivets

Cracks and stains on tabletops result from the lack of trivets. A trivet is an
object that is placed underneath a bowl, or any kitchen ware that contains
hot food in order to prevent its direct contact with your table surface. In the
past, it was made of iron but there were two problems from such design:
iron is a heat conductor and it is heavy. That’s why home makers continued
to create new revisions until they came up with the flexible trivet that is
made of a combination of silicone and metal.

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The Balata Trivet

pot trivet

Introducing the Balata Trivet

Balata trivet is a decorative item used to protect counters and tables inside your home
every time you put hotpots on them. Other trivets are plain in design, but this particular
is a great exemption with its great and highly decorative combination of colors and
warmth that truly adds life to your kitchen. With its 20 x 20 x 0.8 cm. dimensions, one
simple look at it and you will know that this will suit whatever mood you are in.

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